Gina's Story 


  • Client: Public Health England

The burden of care for the 800,000 people in the UK with dementia currently falls on their carers and the state. Our objective was to scale up Dementia Friends – an initiative devised by Alzheimer’s Society to support people with the condition – recruiting and engaging 1million Dementia Friends in 12 months. This is a human problem and we created a human solution; inspiring and supporting a movement of friendship. Its purpose was to help maintain friendships through the course of dementia by up-skilling friends, thereby enabling them to help those with the condition to live well for as long as possible. 

We created a short film that brought to life the challenges faced by people with dementia and offered practical advice on things that can make life easier for them.  This was supported by the ‘Little book of friendship’ and asuite of products for employers to educate their staff.