• Client: Kern and Sohn Precision Scales

Most scientists and teachers had already heard about Kern’s Gnome Experiment’. (Scientists had been measuring the fluctuations in Earth’s gravity by circulating a set of Kern precision scales and a garden gnome test-weight around the world.) But now it was the momentous time for the gnome to come home. There was an opportunity to build the Kern scales brand further by reminding the audience about the experiment and celebrating some of the amazing stories that weren’t common knowledge.

Kern ran ads in selected science supply journals, each written as a scientific ‘white paper’ by the gnome himself. He was as amazed and in awe as anyone else at the incredible, iconic scientific institutions he had visited – the Amundsen Scott Research Station at the South Pole, the world’s deepest laboratory and the Cern Hadron Collider where they recently discovered the Higgs Boson. To add extra educational value – and because the facts were so fascinating – he also tried his best to delve into complex science relevant to each location; dark matter, supersymmetry and the hint for the Higgs Boson.


Campaign Big Awards, London International Awards.