Client: IBM

  • 1x Cannes Silver Lion Outdoor (Technology), Silver Caples Award, Gold & Silver DMA's UK, DMA Echos.

Sports pundits are often entertaining, but they’re not always insightful. So we set out to teach a pundit to see what others can’t.

Introducing Pundit Watson, the world’s first AI pundit. We fed him 22 years of sports commentary. 28 years of match statistics. And hundreds of hours of archive footage, so he learned from coaches, journalists and ex-players. Watson searched for patterns in millions of correlating data points, analysed social sentiment and created psychological profiles to uncover insights about the players that even they didn’t know. 

Pundit Watson’s insights inspired debate among fans, players and ex-champions, changing the narrative around the world’s biggest tennis tournament. Most importantly, Pundit Watson showed business leaders how we can help uncover the insights that turn an average performance into a truly great one.